Rachael Lake

Allergy Therapist, NAET® Practitioner and Nutritional Adviser. Birmingham B68

Sugar Mix

Avoidance sheet

Have a good meal before this appointment. Below is to be followed immediately after the treatment

(Cane sugar, Beet sugar, Brown sugar, Corn sugar, Rice sugar, Maple sugar, Molasses, Honey, Palm sugar, turbinado sugar, crystal sugar, Barbados sugar, invert sugar, barley sugar, berry sugar, Fruit sugar, Sucrose, Glucose, Dextrose, Maltose, Lactose, Date sugar, Grape sugar, cellulose, D-mannose, pentose, hoxose, D Robose, Galactose, Lac).
You may not eat or touch

Anything with any of the above sugars, sauces, drinks with sugar. Do not use powered spices in pre-packed containers, toothpaste and mouth wash. Milk or milk products (cheese and yogurt), no sausages or burgers. No processed foods (can’t be sure of the content). Alcohol or whole grain products. Carrots, sweet potato, fruits, tomatoes, beets.

Foods that can be eaten

Fried chips (make sure there is no batter on chips), raw and cooked vegetables, vegetable oils, vinegar, red meats, eggs, chicken, turkey, water, coffee, tea (no milk), white rice and pasta (without sauce), green salads.

Meal suggestions

Fried, boiled or poached eggs.

Sugar free jelly

Black coffee or tea with sweetener

Vegetable juice: celery, cucumber


Fresh salad (homemade oil and vinegar dressing with salt and black pepper) and your choice of meat, fish, seafood or chicken fish & chips from the chippy – no batter on chips or fish (Chamberlains will grill fish).

Vegetable omelette


Baked fish with vegetables and pasta

Steak and chips with a green salad