Rachael Lake

Allergy Therapist, NAET® Practitioner and Nutritional Adviser. Birmingham B68

Stomach Acid

Avoidance sheet

Have a good meal before this appointment. Below is to be followed immediately after the treatment

Stomach Acids: Aldehyde, hcl, gastric acid, gastrin, mucin, stomach mucosa, mucus, sugar digestion, acid regurgitation, helicobacter pylori, secretin, parietal cells, chief cells, intrinsic factor, pepsin, pepsinogen, ghrelin, tubulovesicular membrane, carbonic anhydrase, acetylcholine, histamine, adenylyl cyclase, muscarinic receptor, histamine receptor-2, somatostatin receptor, prostaglandin receptor, prostaglandin receptor, cckA, cckB, Icholecystokinine, phospholipase c, gastric cells, mucous neck cells, enterogastrone, neurotensin, lingual lipase, lysozyme, haptocorrin, R-factor, serous cells, mucous cells, gastric enzymes, gastric inhibitory peptide.
You may not eat or touch.

Sugar, starches, fruits, cooked tomato grains, meats, coffee

Foods that can be eaten

Raw, steamed, cooked vegetables, raw tomato, dried beans, eggs, oils, clarified butter, salt and milk.

Meal suggestions

Boiled or poached or scrambled eggs with clarified butter or vegetable oil’s no toast

Glass of milk

Water to drink

Vegetable juice: carrot, tomato, celery, cucumber


Fresh corn on the cob with clarified butter

Vegetable stir fry using clarified butter (don’t use spinach or cooked tomatoes) served with poached eggs.

Pureed butter bean hummus (use olive oil to blend) and dip in raw carrots, celery, cucumber.


Mixed bean salad with olives

Sautéed vegetable omelette