Rachael Lake

Allergy Therapist, NAET® Practitioner and Nutritional Adviser. Birmingham B68

NAET Autism

Study: Treating Autism with NAET

A new research study titled “Improving Communication Skills in Children With Allergy­ related Autism Using Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Techniques: A Pilot Study” was recently published in Integrative Medicine’s A Clinician’s Journal. Funded by The Teitelbaum Family Foundation and involving 60 autistic children, the study shows the efficacy of NAET as a treatment for autism.

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Children who received 100 twice­ weekly NAET treatments for 50 allergens exhibited highly significant improvements in the area of speech, language, communication skills, and other autistic behaviours compared with the subjects in the control group who received conventional care. The children receiving NAET treatments also had marked clinical improvement, and 23 of the 30 treated children (77%) were able to be included in regular schools. This outcome provides a very encouraging measure of the degree of improvement that can be achieved in young autistic children during 1 year of NAET treatments.


NAET treatment provides an effective treatment modality for children with autism to decrease autistic traits and improve their speech, language, communication skills, social interactions, sensory and cognitive awareness, and overall physical health and behaviour.

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