Rachael Lake

Allergy Therapist, NAET® Practitioner and Nutritional Adviser. Birmingham B68

Grain Mix

Avoidance sheet

Have a good meal before this appointment. Below is to be followed immediately after the treatment

(Wheat mix, corn mix, seed mix, gluten, gliadin, sprouted wheat, rice, quinoa, buckwheat, oats, rye, millet, arrowroot)
You may not eat or touch

All raw or cooked grains, whole grain starch, and any food prepared with whole grains or starch, breads, rice cakes and cereals. Thickened sauces and gravy will have grains in them. No seed oil i.e. sunflower, hemp, flax.

Foods that can be eaten

Vegetables, salad, fruit, meats, chicken, eggs, fish, animal fat, milk, butter, teas, coffee, sugar and tap water.

Meal suggestions

Tea or Coffee with or without milk and sugar

Fruit salad covered in yoghurt

Bacon, sautéed potatoes (use olive oil) and grilled tomatoes (no sausages)



Salad with chicken (olive oil, vinegar and lemon dressing)

Baked potato with butter, salad and chicken


Fresh fish in tomatoes, courgettes, onion served with baked potato and butter

Sautéed potatoes and sweet potatoes served with roast meat and vegetables

Dauphinoise potatoes (made with double cream) with vegetables and roast chicken or fish